No 1 (2005)

Nordes 2005 - In the making

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
May 29, 2005 – May 31, 2005

Table of Contents

Research papers

How tangible mock-ups support design collaboration PDF
Eva Brandt
The affective sustainability of objects; a search for causal connections. PDF
Kristina Börjesson
Utilizing End User Knowledge in the Designing of Intelligent Workwear PDF
Jukka Mäyrä, Riikka Matala, Petra Falin
Knowledge in the making: practitioner-driven systems development in a community PDF
Anna-Liisa Syrjänen
Knowing Through Making: The Role of the Artefact in Practise-Based Research PDF
Maarit Mäkelä
Indigenous Design: healthcare professional using self-produced video in articulating and developing work practices PDF
Erling Björgvinsson, Per-Anders Hillgren
Restless Landscapes PDF
Smout Allen, Mark Smout, Laura Allen
Using Virtual Prototype for Cross-Cultural Visual Design PDF
Andrea Castello Branco Júdice, Marcelo Ortega Júdice
Rumpelstiltskin in Traditional and New Digital Media PDF
Christine Blaney
Cultural probes PDF
Per Kristav
Energy objects: Reflection through interaction PDF
Mattias Ludvigsson
What`s the fuss with emotional interaction PDF
Stefania Anardottir, Marie Hartmann, Anne Sofie Jørgensen, Kyle Kilbourn, Swantje Pyrus, Dovilè Valkauskaitè, Yin Yue
From Novice to Expert: The Iterative Travails of a Hatching Design Practitioner (A Panoramic Overview) PDF
Hakeem Adebola Lawal
I’ll be your mirror PDF
Jon Mårtensson
Architectural Project and Research - specificity and meta-reflection PDF
Katrine Lotz
Why Research-oriented Design Isn’t Design-oriented Research PDF
Daniel Fallman
Webgenres and -styles as socio-cultural indicators - an experimental, interdisciplinary dialogue PDF
Ida Engholm, Karen Lisa Salamon
Inspirational patterns for embodied interaction PDF
Jonas Löwgren
Focussing on the Use Value -The Relevance of Urban and Regional Design for Society PDF
Ina T. Klaasen
Shift towards networks: integrating social and physical subsystems of the city through stratified models PDF
Jeroen van Schaick
Erratic Appliances and Energy Awareness PDF
Anders Ernevi, Samuel Palm, Johan Redström
Metamorphosis of the Home: Proactive Information Technology as a Design Challenge PDF
Kristo Kuusela, Ilpo Koskinen, Frans Mäyrä, Anne Soronen
PulsArt – IT, Salt and Water For Family Awareness PDF
Maiken Hillerup Fogtmann, Henrik Sommer Poulsen, Jonas Fritsch
Binary Tools PDF
Tavs Jorgensen
Engaged Collaborative Ideation supported through Material Catalysation PDF
Jan Capjon
Design as Seven Steps of Deterritorialization PDF
Erik Werner Petersen
Six decades – and six different roles for the industrial designer. PDF
Anna Valtonen
If everything is design, what then is a designer? PDF
Sara Ilstedt Hjelm
What type now? PDF
Liam McComish
Thomas Arvid Jaeger
Drawing lines through the invisibles: Mapping and reframing visibility of work through an ethnographic study PDF
Larisa Sitorus
A methodology for studying design cognition in the real world PDF
Bo T. Christensen
Interaction Design as Experienced by Practitioners PDF
Ann Lantz, Henrik Artman, Robert Ramberg
New design competences for localized production systems: a case study in Denmark PDF
Kaare Eriksen, Nicola Morelli
Design as a way of bringing a service brand to life: the design dimension in brand development PDF
Joacim Andersson
From Practice to Reflection and on to Reflexivity. PDF
Maziar Raein
Designs for learning about film spectatorship PDF
Andrew Morrison, Andrew Deacon, Jane Stadler
Emerging Dynamics in Design Education: Integrating Theory and Practice as Design in the Making. PDF
Tiiu Poldma
Teaching design research in the studio PDF
Ben Matthews, Jacob Buur
Collaboration and Communication in Design Games PDF
Willem Horst
Educating interaction designers – how are new tools for design changing learning situations? PDF
Annett Hillestad
Situated Research and Design for Everyday Life PDF
Bodil Jönsson, Arne Svensk, Lone Malmborg
Exploring how user video supports design PDF
Jason Moore, Jacob Buur
An Anthropological Move Towards Tangible Interaction Design PDF
Mads Vedel Jensen
Representing product personality in relation to materials in a product design problem PDF
Ilse van Kesteren, Pieter Jan Stappers, Prabhu Kandachar
Quality Clothes – An Outline of a Model for Assessing the Quality of Customized Clothing PDF
Ritva Koskennurmi-Sivonen, Päivikki Pietarila
Information Graphics as an active tool during the Interaction Design process PDF
Santiago Barriga Amaya, Lisa Hultgren
Design space conceptual tool – grasping the design process PDF
Bo Westerlund
The Customer Interaction Game PDF
Elisabeth Kristina Svanqvist
A student, a product, a process: a fresh look at ‘design games’ in the Habraken tradition PDF
Brendon Clark, Sofie Widding
The development of a visual design tool: VisionPool PDF
Jannick Kirk Sørensen
Researching the Visual Qualities of Exhibition Design through Experimental and Cross- PDF
Outi Turpeinen
[visklek] – Playing with Games PDF
Kristina Lindström, Åsa Ståhl
“Live at Epidemin”– a cinematic investigation of architectonic space and artistic practice within a public institution of contemporary art PDF
Henric Benesch
Promoting Energy Awareness through Interventions in Public Space PDF
Margot Jacobs Admin, Ulrika Löfgren
Prototypes in Pinkenba PDF
Gary Doherty
Domestication and context: Studying objectification in print media PDF
Sara Routarinne
Social process and product’s domestication PDF
Heidi Grönman
Verbal communication of semantic content in products PDF
Torben Lenau, Per Boelskifte
The salient features of the clock – a functional semiotic design analysis of relevance to digital design PDF
Toke Riis Ebbesen
Products and practices. Selected concepts from science and technology studies and from social theories of consumption and practice PDF PDF
Elizabeth Shove, Matt Watson, Jack Ingram
Transdiscipline vs. Culture loss PDF
Erika Marlene Cortés López

Exploratory papers

Don’t Destroy the Vitamins!– A Look at the “Tada” Microwave from Several Perspectives PDF
Kyle Kilbourn
Single Mingle PDF
Daniel Karlsson, Festim Zuta, Christopher Fergusson
iBikt PDF
Åsa Hellqvist, Fredrik Öberg, Marcus Hannerstig, Katarina Dagerhed
Nera Cristina Vranesevic, Samire Grainca, Sandra Aleksieva
The Involuntary Dance Machine PDF
Peter Hansén, Robert Nyberg, Monica Richter, Ossian Sunesson
BoardFamily – design ethics questions around a collaborative online community PDF
Daniel Spikol
BodyBug – Design of KinAesthetic Interaction PDF
Jin Moen, Johan Sandsjö
Designing Selfhood: Incorporating Science and Technology into the Female Identity Through Narrative Immersion and Role-Playing PDF
Sue Nguyen
A metaphor approach to exhibition design PDF
Tandi Camilla Agrell
The CARE article – Collaborative articulation in rehabilitation after hand surgery. PDF
Per Linde, Stefan Olofsson, Thomas Sokoler, Jonas Löwgren, Mette Agger Eriksen
Of Machines and Man: Exploring Growth and Decay of Movement for Interaction Design PDF
Larisa Sitorus, Esti Utami Handarini
PearlView: Non-Disruptive Hyper-List Browsing PDF
Carlos Olguin, Anna Almberg
Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool for Construction Vehicle Driver PDF
Low Ko Wee

Workshops and Tutorials

Grounded Information for Responsive Designing: An Example of the Physical Environment of Work PDF
Awoniyi Stephen
Visionpool: A Visual Tool for Innovation PDF
Villads Keiding
persceto PDF
Michael Johansson, Johan Salo, Magnus Wallon
Design Research with Users - Techniques and Activities PDF
Werner Sperschneider, Kirsten Bagger

ISSN: 1604-9705