No 4 (2011)

Nordes 2011 - Making Design Matter

School of Art & Design, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
May 29, 2011 – May 31, 2011

Table of Contents

Research papers

The Absorption of Design Management Capabilities in SMEs with Little or No Prior Design Experience PDF
Claudia Acklin
Some Notes on Programme-Experiment Dialectics PDF
Johan Redström
Design at the Front PDF
Otto von Busch
Research and Design Practice - An exploratory update of Donald Schön PDF
Peter Ullmark
Political Economies of Design Activism and the Public Sector PDF
Guy Julier
Upon Opening the Black Box of Participatory Design and Finding It Filled with Ethics PDF
Marc Steen
The Images of the Future of Craft and Design Professions PDF
Kristiina Soini-Salomaa
Threads without Ends: A mobile sewing circle PDF
Kristina Lindström, Åsa Ståhl
Reflection and Documentation in Practice-led Design Research PDF
Anna Maarit Mäkelä, Nithikul Nimkulrat
Design and Possibility PDF
Mads Nygaard Folkmann
Scaffolding Co-Design with an Amateur Quality Comic PDF
Robb Mitchell
Existing Prototyping Perspectives: Considerations for service design PDF
Johan Blomkvist, Stefan Holmlid
The Disruptive Aesthetics of Design Activism: Enacting design between art and politics PDF
Thomas Markussen
Design of Design Tools: The creation of tools as a part of a personal theory-building process PDF
Tero Juhani Heikkinen
GIGA-Mapping: Visualisation for complexity and systems thinking in design PDF
Birger Sevaldson
Blind and Fake: Exploring the geography of the expanded book PDF
Maria Hellström Reimer, Milica Lapčević, Luca Simeone
Design Interventions as Multiple Becomings of Healthcare PDF
Tariq Andersen, Joachim Halse, Jonas Moll
Accounts of a Critical Artefacts Approach to Design Anthropology PDF
Tau Ulv Lenskjold
Living the (Co-Design) Lab PDF
Thomas Binder, Eva Brandt, Joachim Halse, Maria Foverskov, Sissel Olander, Signe Yndigegn

Exploratory papers

DART - New teaching methods for organizing intuition PDF
Maria Mackinney-Valentin
Experiencing, Exploring and Experimenting in and with Co-Design Spaces PDF
Elizabeth B.-N Sanders, Bo Westerlund
Reflections of a Wireless Ruminant PDF
Andrew Morrison
The Gleaning Studio: A space for redirection and reflection PDF
Tania Splawa-neyman
Recognizing Paradoxical Identities of Design Managers PDF
Ulla Johansson, Jill Woodilla
Time Travel: A method for playful future-oriented user research PDF
Theo Rooden, Paul Eg, Rianne Valkenburg
Sustainable Innovation and the Issues of Scale PDF
Pekka Murto
Missing Link: Designing for Dependency PDF
Eva Eriksson, Peter Ljungstrand, Andreas Lykke-Olesen, David Cuartielles
Visual Inquiry: A tool for presenting and sharing contextual knowledge PDF
Fredrik Sandberg
Slow Food Slow Homes: Expanding the role of architecture in the North American housing industry PDF
John Brown
Design for Co-creation with Interactive Montage PDF
Birgitta Cappelen, Anders-Petter Andersson
Regarding Design as a Constituting Practice Matters PDF
Bo Westerlund
Navigating in the World of Services - Visualizing a system of systems PDF
Johanna Nieminen, Tuuli Mattelmäki
Matter Matters: Designing material encounters as triggers of negotiation PDF
Johan Liekens, Nel Janssens
Exploring Heat as Interactive Expressions for Knitted Structures PDF
Delia Dumitrescu, Anna Persson
Why Design Matters More Today Than Ever Before PDF
Håkan Edeholt
Designing with Smart Textiles: A new research program PDF
Linnéa Nilsson, Anna Vallgårda, Linda Worbin
Facilitating Service Co-Production: A Dramaturgical Perspective PDF
Zagros Hatami
Designing Anti-Activism: Apocalypse faster! PDF
Tatu Marttila
Reversing the Co-design Process: co-design tools for post occupancy evaluation PDF
Christina Lundsgaard
Magic-Mirror-Spiral: Looking into the role of 'design ideal' in interaction design research projects PDF
Naveen Bagalkot, Elena Nazzi, Tomas Sokoler
Initial Findings on Design and Product Category Expertise in Aesthetic Evaluation PDF
Oscar Person, Dirk Snelders
Practice Theory and Human-Centered Design: A sustainable bathing example PDF
Lenneke Kuijer, Annelise M. De Jong
Integrating Sustainability with a Regional Design Sector PDF
Simon O'rafferty
Practice Theory and Human-Centered Design: A sustainable bathing example PDF
Lenneke Kuijer, Annelise M. De Jong
Integrating Sustainability with a Regional Design Sector PDF
Simon O'rafferty
The Music Sleeve: Fabric as an electronic interface medium PDF
Ramyah Gowrishankar, Katharina Bredies, Rosan Chow
Designing for Utilization: Putting design principles into practice PDF
Paula Kassenaar, Katharina Bredies, Elise van den Hoven
Moth Wing Screen PDF
Rab McClure
Supportive Tools for Collaborative Prototyping PDF
Willem Horst

Doctoral consortium papers

New Grounds, New Challenges? Exploring Stakeholder Research in Service Design PDF
Fabian Segelström
Le Corbusier’s ‘Équipement’ as Pattern for Design Language PDF
Liliana Soares, Ermanno Aparo, Fátima Pombo, Dante Donegani
Cultural Variables and their Impact on Furniture Design Process in Globalization Era PDF
Ahmed Mohammed Abdelrazik
Relationships Other Than Use PDF
Janet Kelly
Building the Design Laboratory in a Public Cultural Organisation PDF
Sissel Olander
Design Practice as a Discursive and Interrogating Performance PDF
Li Jönsson
The Forming of Design Things: Reconciling openness with the urge for completion PDF
Maria Foverskov

ISSN: 1604-9705