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Jaeger, Thomas Arvid
Jahnke, Marcus, Business & Design Lab, University of Gothenburg
Janssens, Nel, Sint-Lucas Department of Architecture, Brussels; Chalmers School of Architecture, Gothenburg
Jasper, Michael, University of Canberra
Jasper, Michael
Johansson, Michael
Johansson, Troels Degn, The Danish Design School
Johansson, Troels Degn, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Design
Johansson, Ulla, University of Gothenburg
Jones, Hannah
Jönsson, Bodil
Jönsson, Li, The Danish Design School / Interactive Institute
Jönsson, Li, <b>This article has been selected for a special issue of the online journal Artifact.</b>
Jönsson, Li
Jonsson, Martin
Jorgensen, Tavs
Julier, Guy, University of Brighton/Victoria and Albert Museum
Jørgensen, Anne Sofie

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